Pollution Solution Purifying Toner


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This refreshing toner is formulated with deep sea water to help remineralize skin and help combat oxidative stress caused by environmental aggresors that can lead to signs of aging (thanks to a microalgae extract), while Zinc PCA helps reduce surface oil and shine.

Use toner after your cleanser and before serums or moisturizers in the morning and at night. The Pollution Solution Purifying Toner was developed for any skin type in mind, however is particularly beneficial for people with an oily skin type as it is formulated with Zinc PCA which helps reduce sebum/surface oil on the skin.


  • Honest Sea Water?: provide essential minerals to skin
  • Zinc PCA: helps reduce sebum
  • Microalgae Extract: help combat environmental aggressors

MADE WITHOUT: BHT, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Silicones


In a consumer study of 34 women after 2 weeks of use

  • 100% of participants said/reported the product was gentle
  • 94.12% of participants said/reported their skin looked more smooth
  • 94.12% of participants said/reported their skin looked revitalized
  • 91.18% of participants said/reported their skin texture improved
  • 91.18% of participants said/reported their skin felt softer
  • 82.35% of participants said/reported their pores felt tighter/smaller
  • 82.35% of participants said/reported their skin looked more radiant

RECYCLING INFO Sustainable Product - Please Recycle

Bottle, cap and pump are made from 30% post consumer recycled plastic
Our sustainable cartons are environmentally-friendly, FSC-certified, and made from 100% recycled, PCW (pre/post-consumer waste) materials.

How To Recycle:

  1. Remove the cap and pump from the bottle.
  2. Discard the pump.
  3. Be sure to completely rinse out the product from the bottle and reassemble the cap before recycling.
  4. Curious to learn more, check out Your Local Recycling Center: For US only
    *Always check with your local municipality for recyclability acceptance

    We’re in the process of upgrading our packaging to be more sustainable. Our products may look different, but don’t worry – they’re still the same great formulas you love.

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