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Let’s be clear: You’re the boss of your skin’s health! Leave no trace of blemishes and breakouts with this acne spot treatment. With on-the-spot application that dries out active breakouts and works fast to visibly reduce redness and the size of blemishes, our Witch Hazel-infused, fast-acting treatment improves acne in as little as 2 days and helps prevent future breakouts. While Wintergreen-Derived Salicylic Acid works to fight acne and exfoliate the skin, Glycolic Acid acts as a powerful exfoliant to improve skin clarity and promote faster breakout recovery. We also included Microalgae, a prebiotic and skin superfood, that keeps microorganisms (associated with skin imbalances) in check. After cleansing and applying serum, gently tap a pea-sized amount onto active blemishes and let dry. Use it day or night! Designed for seamless application, this lightweight formula doesn’t pull at the skin and can easily be worn under makeup. Minimize pimples. Zap zits. Visibly reduce redness. And clear the way for a healthier-looking complexion!


  • Wintergreen-Derived Salicylic Acid: naturally-derived Salicylic Acid treats acne, exfoliates skin to support cell turnover + help clear, minimize + prevent future blemishes
  • Glycolic Acid: powerful exfoliant that improves skin clarity quickly and promote faster breakout recovery
  • Witch Hazel: a natural astringent that soaks up excess oil to dry out breakouts
  • Microalgae: a prebiotic and skin superfood that keeps microorganisms (associated with skin imbalances) in check

MADE WITHOUT: PEGs, Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrances, Cyclic Silicones


*In a consumer study of 65 subjects over 1 week of use:

  • 86% of subjects agreed the spot treatment dried out their active blemish(es)
  • 86% of subjects agreed the spot treatment helped quickly fight, minimize, and fade their blemish(es)
  • 85% of subjects agreed the spot treatment worked fast to visibly reduce the size of their blemish(es)
  • 92% of subjects agreed the spot treatment did not overly dry out their skin
  • 76% of subjects agreed the spot treatment was easy to wear underneath makeup

RECYCLING INFO Sustainable Product - Please Recycle

Our sustainable cartons are environmentally-friendly, FSC-certified, and made from 100% recycled, PCW (pre/post-consumer waste) materials.

*Always check with your local municipality for recyclability acceptance.

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